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What does it really happen when you quit your job and travel the world to “find yourself”?

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I’m my number one fan

It doesn’t come naturally to embrace failures. Although you read a lot about it, saying that success doesn’t come without your lot of failure, when you face your first one, it’s difficult to stay positive. It’s difficult to tell yourself that next time you’ll do better. And then there are those people watching you, judging […]

What she wants

I like to observe Ellie – how persistent and determined she is by trying to reach stuff that she’s not supposed to play with. She knows what she wants, and she knows exactly how to get it (although her arms and legs are not well coordinated yet ^^). It makes me think that, somehow, when […]

The greatest stories of all

What makes Life interesting isn’t about your successes per se… What makes it interesting is that despite the losses, the failures, the setbacks, you’ve got back up, you’ve put yourself together and you’ve kept pushing your limits until you’ve succeeded. So don’t worry about your losses now, someday they will become greatest stories of all.

When you hit 30

In a couple of weeks it’s gonna be my birthday. I’ll be 30 years old. When you hit this number, you can’t help but looking back to what you’ve accomplished so far in your life. Questions like “Have I landed the job of my dream?” or “Am I with the right guy?” are somewhat stuck […]

Some quotes from Stephen Hawking to ponder upon

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up. […]

Why do you wanna get rich?

Is it to buy a new car? A new house? Travel the world and never come back? To finally be happy? I stopped wishing to win at the lottery when I realized I’ve already won: I have a loving partner, a beautiful child, a home, plenty of food every day, … Of course, there are still […]

Choose happiness

If you had the choice between feeling happy or sad (or any negative feelings), what would you choose? Consciously, of course we’d rather choose happiness. So why, so many times, we caught up ourselves with negative thoughts in our minds?

On my c-cut

On my first week as a mom, I was blaming myself for not having been able to deliver my baby naturally. “Did I do something wrong during my pregnancy?”; “Maybe I should’ve made more exercises to prepare the birth.”; “Maybe I should’ve taken the epidural right when we arrived at the hospital instead of waiting until I […]

Stop overthinking

Something I’m still guilty of is to overthink stuff. When you’re working on a goal, it’s not really about achieving it. It’s about starting. Too many people get caught up in their mind, overthinking all the steps until the end and then what happens? Nothing. Don’t worry about the how. What’s important is to know […]

Nothing vs Busy

What’s wrong when you’re doing nothing? Why do you feel the need of keeping yourself busy? What’s really bothering you? It’s not really about the paperwork or the guys outside making noise. It’s deeper than that… Don’t you think?

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In 2015, Shyrwyn decided to change her life. She quit her job as an IT Project Manager and headed to South America, where she spent 4 months and changed her life forever.

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