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What does it really happen when you quit your job and travel the world to “find yourself”?

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Dear 2017, thank you for the lessons

When 2017 began, I couldn’t see how it could end on a positive note but here I am at the very last day of 2017: Deft-free (my student loan is finally over); A first time mom of a beautiful daughter; and a self-published author of my first paperback book First I Was Naive (and I even […]

The paperback version of First I Was Naive is now live!

After three days of formatting (Thank you Davidson ❤), the paperback version of my book First I Was Naive is now available on Amazon for purchase 🙂 For Kobo readers, the formatting is on its way. Update December 11, 2017: We decided to postpone the release on Kobo and focus only on Amazon for now.

Sometimes the best thing you can do now is to do nothing

I’ve been pushing myself too hard lately to make things work in some aspects of my life that now I’m having a burnout 🙁 At some point I just cried of desperation. Yeah I know, so so so tadinha lol In those moments, I’m telling myself that everything is temporary. I may be hitting rock […]

How do you feel today?

Back in 2015, I remember reading a looooot of articles about “how to be successful?”. (I had this weird obsession about successful entrepreneurs… lol) There were many “secrets” like doing meditation, waking up early in the morning or journaling. But what does it really mean to be “successful”? Success has a different meaning for everyone. […]

I’m back online

Last time I posted here was on March 23, 2017 (OMG!) Well, what happened since then? I gave birth to a beautiful (and sometimes annoying) but mostly cute baby girl on August 3 🙂 Her name is Ellie and she’s already on Instagram. I have a pretty new website (finally!) I worked on publishing my […]

You’re stronger than you think

Even though you know that it’s useless to dwell on negative stuff, sometimes it’s just too much. And the pain you were keeping only for yourself, suddenly explodes. You start to cry as if it was the end of your world when actually it’s just the beginning. The beginning of a new chapter where you […]

When you do stupid stuff

When I decided that it was time for me to quit my job, people told me that I was brave when I’m pretty sure, instead, they were thinking out loud “you’re stupid”. Because that’s what I was thinking at that time… But somehow, I was crazy enough and I did it anyway. It was like […]

Sweet 16

Today, my little sister is 16. It’s crazy how time flies. I still remember when she used to be a baby. Now she’s a teenager in High School with no idea whatsoever of what to do as a career (just like I did and most of people actually). So many things happened these past 16 […]

Let me learn from my mistakes

As much as we want our loved ones to not getting hurt in a relationship or failing in a business, we warn them too much. Too much that, only few people will take the risk to do what they feel deep down in their guts that’s the right thing to do. Of course, taking the […]

Lessons learned while traveling and working around the world in 2016

I thought about writing this post for a long time already. There are so many lessons I learned last year that I found it hard to make a list but I’ll try anyway… So here we go! 🙂 Listen only to yourself Although I know it’s tempting to just listen to your lizard brain (the one […]

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In 2015, Shyrwyn decided to change her life. She quit her job as an IT Project Manager and headed to South America, where she spent 4 months and changed her life forever.

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