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What does it really happen when you quit your job and travel the world to “find yourself”?

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First I Was Naive: Last updates

So, first of all, I’d like to thank the people who bought my book. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU 🙂 Here’s a quick update: Number of paperback copies sold: 5 Number of ebooks sold: 3 Sold in: France and USA Also, we’ve updated the book cover for the Kindle version. Here it is: It […]

Nothing lasts forever

When you have all the time in the world, what do you do? From my experience, at first you’re very productive (and very excited!), but then comes a moment when you’re like “wait a minute, what am I doing here?”. You question everything you do and you wonder if you’ve made the right decision. You […]

My way of traveling

I used to travel running after monuments to see, museums to visit, must-eat restaurants, … My expectations were so high that once I got to experience that stuff, I wouldn’t even feel satisfied. I would feel like “meh”. And let’s be honest, most of what I was doing was just to brag about it back […]

Life is unexpected

At 25, you think you’ve figured all out. At 26, you settle down thinking that’s what you’re supposed to do. At 27, you realize that actually, you were going the wrong way. At 28, most of your friends are not your friends anymore. At 29, you’re a mom, engaged and have never felt happier. At […]

My morning routine

Wake up around 8AM. Brush my teeth. Brush my hair. Have breakfast. Change Ellie. Put her in the park. Prepare then give her breakfast. Sometimes, putting her to sleep for her morning nap around 10 or 11AM. Write on my blog.

Short term happiness

If you’re not 100% happy in your life, helping others won’t fill the gaps. It may feel good in the short term but you know it never lasts. Little by little, this (fake) happiness is gonna be replaced by resentment. And you’ll tend to blame others when actually you’re the only one to blame. Happiness […]

I’m my number one fan

It doesn’t come naturally to embrace failure. Although you read a lot about it, saying that success doesn’t come without your lot of failure, when you face your first one, it’s difficult to stay positive. It’s difficult to tell yourself that next time you’ll do better. And then there are those people watching you, judging […]

What she wants

I like to observe Ellie – how persistent and determined she is by trying to reach stuff that she’s not supposed to play with. She knows what she wants, and she knows exactly how to get it (although her arms and legs are not well coordinated yet ^^). It makes me think that, somehow, when […]

The greatest stories of all

What makes Life interesting isn’t about your successes per se… What makes it interesting is that despite the losses, the failures, the setbacks, you’ve got back up, you’ve put yourself together and you’ve kept pushing your limits until you’ve succeeded. So don’t worry about your losses now, someday they will become greatest stories of all.

When you hit 30

In a couple of weeks it’s gonna be my birthday. I’ll be 30 years old. When you hit this number, you can’t help but looking back to what you’ve accomplished so far in your life. Questions like “Have I landed the job of my dream?” or “Am I with the right guy?” are somewhat stuck […]

About me

In 2015, Shyrwyn decided to change her life. She quit her job as an IT Project Manager and headed to South America, where she spent 4 months and changed her life forever.

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