What’s up?

Hey! I know it’s been a while since my last update but hey ^^ Davidson and I are finally married now! Yeaaay 💑 I posted some pictures on IG if you wanna take a look.

It was a wonderful day, though very stressful before the wedding ceremony (because someone* decided to have a shower at 2h45PM when we were supposed to be leaving at 3PM!) but whatever… 😊

*Davidson 😂

Time went by so fast that day. 4 months of preparation for only one day of celebration. It was pretty intense and we’re happy we got to spend it with our closest friends and family.

Since our wedding day, we’ve been resting for a week or so. Got an inflammation around my hip area probably because I was wearing high heels the whole day and my body ain’t used to it anymore. I went back running only this week (yes I’m still running 2 to 3 times per week and lost 5kg since I started 6 months ago 😱😄) and it felt so goooood ^^

Also big news: I’m preparing the release of my second book! First I Was Naive part II (we still haven’t decided yet for the title) will be published this coming December 😊😊

Can’t wait to share more details with you ❤❤❤

Day One

When we’re old and grey
I promise I’ll love you like
It was our first day.


Staring at her while
In deep thoughts, he just knew he’d
Marry her someday.

Note: D-1! Tomorrow is our big day 😃

More than a woman

I’m more than a mom
I’m a daughter, a sister
And a lover too.

My home

Home is not a place.
As long as we’re together
Home is everywhere.

Becoming a mom

The most challenging
Yet fulfilling adventure
You’ll have in your life.

Dream big

Though I don’t know how
I believe I’ll find a way
To achieve my dreams.

The flow of love

Love’s in all of us
Just breathe and listen closely
To your own heartbeat.


More often than not,
The best thing you can do is
To remain silent.