About me

Hey there!

My name’s Shyrwyn and here’s my story: I quit my IT career on November 2015 (while still having my student loan to pay AND income tax) with no plans but to travel solo in South America for 4 months. I had BIG plans for my new life but nothing prepared me to this:

  • During my solo trip I met Davidson (on my very first day in Brazil!), who’s now my fiancé husband (since September 15, 2018 ^^);
  • We traveled together 5 months in Southeast Asia trying to build our first online business
  • We went broke;
  • I got pregnant at the end of our trip in Asia, moved back to my parents and gave birth to our first daughter Ellie on August 2017;
  • I published my first book, First I Was Naive, on December 2017;

What else?

  • I motivated myself to run again since March 31, 2018 (basically the first day after my 30th birthday 😂). Since that day, I’m running 2 to 3 times per week and went down from 51 to 46kg in 5 months.
  • I’m currently writing the second part of First I Was Naive set to be published on December 2018.

Why am I writing?

It started on September 2015 when I had already given my resignation letter to my boss. I felt the need to write down my thoughts and so that’s what I did. Also at that time I was reading a lot about successful people and the fact that journaling was part of their routine. So I believe it influenced me to write as well.

I never planned to release my diaries as books. I gave a lot of thought before telling myself “ok let’s do this” because it’s my diaries! It’s supposed to be private. But I thought Davidson convinced me that it could be an inspiring story for people who want to change their lives but are afraid of taking the leap.

My message for those people: Plan as much as you want but… nothing will go according to your plans. No-thing. So brace yourself for the impact 😂 I know it’s scary and everything but I promise you, in the end, you’ll tell others that it was the best decision you ever made in your life.

What am I writing about on my blog?

Random thoughts about life, motherhood, poetry, lessons learned and from time to time some updates about my book.

9 random facts about me

  1. My parents are from the Philippines. I understand Tagalog but I don’t speak it (well I can but it feels very weird coming out of my mouth lol).
  2. I’m 1.50m tall.
  3. My favorite TV shows at the moment are: Friends, Breaking Bad, The Crown, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.
  4. I don’t drink coffee. It makes me too excited and nervous.
  5. I have 2 big brothers and 1 little sister.
  6. When I play video games, there’s only one game I can be obsessed about: Anno 1404 and all the other series ^^
  7. When it’s summer, mosquitoes tend to bite me more than anyone else in the same room as me.
  8. My favorite fruits are mangosteen and mango.
  9. I still suck my thumb (even though unconsciously) at night when I’m asleep.