What’s holding you back?

Say whatever you want: money, society, friends, family, your dog (what?!), … you know deep down it’s bullshit.

If you’re not where you wanna be in your life or if you’re not at least on the way toward the life you dream of, it’s all because of you.

People complain about not having enough time to apply for a new job when they spend so many hours browsing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, 9gag or watching movies on Netflix or going out with friends, etc. If you’re not having enough time, it’s only because it’s not a priority for you and probably because you’re scared too. Fear of change, fear of criticism, fear of failure, …

I’ve been out of the corporate world for 1 year and 3 months, although my initial plan had changed (as for building a coaching business) I still keep moving forward with my desire to build my own business. No it ain’t easy everyday and luckily I’m not alone in this adventure (I’m with that crazy guy from the picture ^^).

My year spending travelling in South America and South East Asia opened my eyes in so many aspects. I experienced Life like I could never have imagined living it. What seemed important to me back then is irrelevant to me now.

I’m feeling much more connected to who I am and I’m even more ready to face the challenges that I’ll encounter along the way.


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