Understanding each other

The way Davidson is working used to frustrate me. He’s procrastinating (a lot) before being able to focus on work.

So, earlier on our relationship, when we were working on a common project and I’d see him checking his favorite Brazilian blogs like Ah Negão!, Não Intendo for over an hour before actually get to work, it would drive me nuts. I would ask him every 20 min what he was doing (knowing that he was procrastinating) trying to make him understand that maybe he should get to work like… now!

With time, I learned to understand how his brain works. And unlike me, he’s a big thinker, talks a lot and often doesn’t finish his train of thoughts. Which is kind of hard for me because I’m a person who needs closure.

Shifting your focus from blaming to understanding the other person is life-changing. We could learn a lot from people with different opinions and attitude than ours simply by listening to them. Yet most people would rather stand to their positions and hate (sometimes aggressively) the others.

But what you need to have in mind is that at the end of the day, we’re all human beings.

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