Top 5 lessons I learned from quitting my job

In the end of 2015, I made the big decision to quit my job after almost 5 years in the same Corporate company.

If someone would’ve told me in early 2015 that I would quit my job, I would’ve called him NUTS!

At first, what I had in mind was to work abroad in one of their subsidiaries. But one thing led to another and the best option I had was just to quit everything.

Sometimes in life you just have to follow your guts, and this was one of those moments.

If you know you have to quit your job but inside your head there’s a Gollum telling you that you can’t do it, here are my top 5 lessons I learned from quitting my job:

1. You will always come up with excuses to not taking the leap

There are so many reasons to not quit.

“I have a credit student”

“I have no job lining up”

“I don’t know what I want to do”

“What if I run out of money?”

“What would other people think about me?”

Well you know what?

When I quit my job:

  • I still had my credit student: 7000€ to pay until October 2017.
  • I had no job lining up, even though I looked for it but it didn’t work out because…
  • I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. So…
  • I traveled for 4 months in South America with my savings and…
  • People told me I’m crazy. So what?

Remember there will never be a good timing.

2. You will go through different emotions like in the Pixar movie Inside Out

Even though, I knew I had to quit it took me 3 months to actually give my resignation letter.

During these 3 months I would have discussions with myself that I called “The Gollum talk”

Shyrwyn (Feeling confident and happy):– My work is making me feel miserable, I’m gonna quit !

Shyrwyn/Gollum: – Are you sure? 

Shyrwyn (Starting to get scared): – Hum… yeaaaaah…

Shyrwyn/Gollum:– But do you know what you’re going to do next?

Shyrwyn (Freaking out):– Not really…

Shyrwyn/Gollum: – How do you picture yourself a year from now?

Shyrwyn (Feeling emotional): – I don’t really know… At least not in the same job, I guess.

Shyrwyn/Gollum:  It seems like you’re lost. Are you sure you want to quit?

Shyrwyn (Bursting into tears): – I don’t knoooooooow!

Most people don’t quit because they’re afraid of failure.

Instead of picturing yourself in a bad situation, close your eyes for 5 min and imagine yourself in your ideal life.

And if you don’t know what your ideal life is, well you better start now, don’t you think? 🙂

3. You will be looking for some advices from your friends

Of course, you’ll want the full support of your friends so you’ll talk to them about your project of quitting.

Few people will support you, most of them will try to scare the shit out of you, and there will be some who won’t give a shit.

And you know what?

That’s okay.


4. You will realize the one you should listen to is only yourself

I remember telling my parents about quitting my job.

I was expecting them to try to convince me that it was a bad idea and that I should stay at my current job like most of my friends and colleagues did. But then my dad surprised me by telling me this:

You’re the only one who knows what can possibly make you happy. So if you think quitting will help you to reach that state, go on. Also, we know that if we force you to stay at your job, we won’t be able to stop you from quitting.

I wasn’t expecting them to support my decision and yet they did anyway.

I’m blessed to have them as my parents. 🙂

5. You will learn to trust your instincts

Although I didn’t really know where I was heading I quit anyway.


Because I could feel deep down in my heart that it was the right decision.

Sometimes, you just have to distance yourself from the crowd to find answers and that’s what I did.

I decided to travel for 4 months in South America all by myself for the first time of life. And do I have any regrets?

Not at all 🙂

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