The one question you should ask yourself to overcome your fears and take action

Throughout my life, I had a lot of fears.

Until age 24, I was afraid of doing things alone.

Until age 25, I was afraid to be alone.

At age 26, I was afraid to do sports again after a long period of sickness.

At age 27, I was afraid to quit my job, travel solo and to open up my heart again.

So, yeah, I’m definitely not a fearless person but…

I know how to listen to my fears and how to overcome my fears

When I look around me, I’m amazed by how many people are driven by their fears and how they just let them eat them alive.

I have some acquaintances who:

  • Want to quit so badly their jobs for years but don’t do anything to change the situation except complaining how bad it is;
  • Are clearly in a dead-end relationship but won’t admit it because they’ve been working on it for too many years (or any other excuses).

And so when I decided to quit everything last year, they wouldn’t believe me because they are used to people who don’t take any actions for what they truly believe in.

Nowadays, it seems like if you’re not climbing up the corporate ladder of your company, you’re a complete failure. And those who decide to actually stand up to this idea, like me, are completely crazy.

Most of the people would just take news from you to see how you will fail and wait the moment where they will be able to point a finger at your face saying “seeeeee!! I told you you wouldn’t make it!”

But unlike them, I’m not afraid to take risks because instead of visualizing a negative outcome, I’m visualizing the best outcome possible and I stick to it every single day.

You might fail but you know it’s part of the process. You learn and grow more from bad experiences. That’s how I keep going with my life without caring about what people will say. Because in the end, what matters the most is how much YOU are satisfied with your life.

So, next time you are facing a situation that’s scaring you, ask yourself that question:

What would I do if I was not afraid?

And imagine the best possible outcome and go for it.

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