Lessons learned while traveling and working around the world in 2016

I thought about writing this post for a long time already. There are so many lessons I learned last year that I found it hard to make a list but I’ll try anyway… So here we go! 🙂

Listen only to yourself

Although I know it’s tempting to just listen to your lizard brain (the one who’s telling you that you’re good enough and all that sh*it), be strong enough to listen to your guts. You may not see a clear path to what you wanna achieve but you don’t necessarily need to know all the steps. Actually, you only need to know the end and also the first step that you can do right now. Soon, you’ll see that your path will get clearer and clearer.

Let others criticize you

And never let yourself behind. They probably don’t understand what you’re doing with your life and that’s just fine because it’s your life not theirs. Do whatever seems right for you even if it means losing some friends on the way.

Be naive

But not too much. Back in 2015, when I quit everything to travel in South America what my friends thought was bravery was actually naivety. I felt like I could do anything I set in my mind. I thought I could be successful in a brand new career in just a couple of months. Of course I was wrong. Do I still believe I can be successful? Yes, but not just in a couple of months 🙂 Being naive helped to start and being realistic helps me to keep going.

Give time some time

What you thought would take just a few months (just like I did) will actually turn out to be more months and maybe even years. So be sure to have enough savings and be ready to get back to a regular job to let you keep going with your project. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find ways to achieve your goal, otherwise it means it wasn’t really your dream. Learn to be patient…

And adjust your trajectory when necessary

You can’t exactly predict the future. Who knows what can happen? Maybe you’ll have to come back in your home country because one of your relatives had a bad accident or you realize that your idea isn’t that great after all after analyzing the market. A lot of stuff can happen, good or bad. Learn to go through these different life events keeping in mind that everything is temporary. Appreciate everything and don’t expect anything.

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