Hey there :)


My name’s Shyrwyn and I’m 28*.

*29 in less than 2 months as I’m updating this about page 🙂

I have an Engineering degree and I used to work for 5 years in a Corporate company in Paris until I decided to quit my job and to travel for 4 months in South America. That was in December 2015.

Since then, many things have happened.

I met Davidson on my very first day in Brazil in São Paulo and til this day (Feb 2nd, 2017), we’re inseparable and planning our future together. I was certainly not expecting this outcome when I started my solo trip in South America. But in any case, I’m glad of this outcome and grateful of meeting him on my way of finding peace with myself.

Together, we hitchhiked in trucks from Brazil to Peru, visited Machu Picchu, spent 2 months in Algarve in Portugal and then 5 months in Asia. We had the craziest year of our lives.

Now, we’re back in France to settle down a little and prepare the birth of our first baby boy or girl (we still don’t know yet).

2017 is gonna be another epic year for us 🙂

What will you find on this blog?

Mostly short stories to inspire you to get the life you want.

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