28 signs you’re doing better than you think in your life (even if you think it sucks really hard)

Have you ever caught up yourself saying THIS:

My life sucks so much right now.

I can’t see anything positive in my life.

When I hear people complaining about how life is so unfair to them, I feel like slapping their face and say:

Hey! WAKE UP, Bitch*!!

*Yeah, I probably watched too much Breaking Bad ^^

My point is… Being negative will only get you MORE negativity in your life. And you can only get out of that vicious circle by starting to be POSITIVE.

Yes, sometimes it’s hard like that time I had arthritis when I was only 25.

But trust me.

You can do it. And you will.

One thing you can do right now to walk toward positivity is to read this list and appreciate those little things in your life:

  1. You have food over your table every night;
  2. You have Internet and so you can learn anything you want;
  3. You can read;
  4. You have someone who loves you and care about you;
  5. You have a roof over your head and a bed;
  6. You have access to clean water;
  7. You can change your clothes every day;
  8. You can walk;
  9. You can write;
  10. You have access to education;
  11. You have an old friend with whom you can reminisce the good old days;
  12. You are healthy and if you get sick you can easily have access to a doctor and medication;
  13. You have dreams to pursue;
  14. You can shower everyday with hot water;
  15. You can play an instrument;
  16. You speak English;
  17. You can dance while listening to music;
  18. You have survived to all your worst days;
  19. You can admire the sunset or the sunrise;
  20. You can travel and explore new cities, new cultures, taste new dishes and meet new people;
  21. You have learned from your mistakes;
  22. You can watch a movie at the cinema;
  23. You can have a drink with your friends in a bar;
  24. You have a smartphone;
  25. You have electricity;
  26. You can run in a park;
  27. You have the freedom to quit your job and start a new one;
  28. You’re alive.

Being alive alone is enough for you to be positive, because, as Stephen Hawking once said:

“Where there’s life, there’s hope.”

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