[100 Naked Words] Toxic relationships, gossips & Filipino parents

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Here are the stories published for my 7th week on 100 Naked Words.

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Born in France and raised by Filipino immigrants

Where are you from?

Whenever I hear this question, I feel frustrated. Because I never know if I should answer France or the Philippines.

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Who gossips to you will gossip about you

Back when I was working in my Corporate job, I was amazed and feeling sad to see people craving for gossips.

It’s like we were back in secondary schools, but in a much bigger scale.

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Life is like a roller coaster

This past week has been filled with ups and downs.

It’s like being in a roller coaster. You have a mix feeling of excitement paired with fear while the ride’s taking you higher and higher. Once you’re at the peak, you have little to no time to…

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Why aren’t you satisfied with your life?

2015 was a big year for me.

I got everything my 18-year-old self had wished for her future. A stable job with a great paycheck, living in the center of Paris, having a boyfriend and a promising future.

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Fitting in and feeling inferior

I tried to fit in the Corporate world for 4,5 years thinking it was: The only way to be successful in my life. And to be happy; Normal to not love your job and to complain about it all the time with your friends;

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Toxic relationships are tough

And even though we know it’s bad for us, why aren’t we willing to let it go and move forward with our lives?

I read an article recently which made me laugh because it was saying something like this:

When a boat is sinking…

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Why I’m writing daily

I started to write on 100 Naked Words on July 31st 2016. Since then I never stopped. I thought I’d struggle to find inspiration but every day I kept pushing my limits.

Writing daily helps me to put into words my feelings which was a problem for me for many years.

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