[100 Naked Words] Post-breakup, the right choice and not enough time

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Here are the stories published for my 13th week on 100 Naked Words.

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After a breakup, you go through different shades of emotions. Angry, sad, bitter, resentful, nostalgic,…

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You are unique

You have your own taste regarding food, clothing, TV show,… Your own strengths and weaknesses. Your own goals and dreams.

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When it gets too hard

You feel like giving up. You ask yourself why you even started and if it’s worth it to continue. You start to dream…

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The right choice

I’ve been traveling since December 6th, 2015. And since then, I’ve been making a lot of choices. From very easy to really hard…

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It’s my fault

I used to blame people when things were going wrong with my life. There was always someone to blame even if it was absurd. I just…

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Not enough time

Nowadays, there are so many things to learn for free on Internet. Yet, too many people waste their time complaining that they don…

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Million reasons

Just stumbled upon the new carpool karaoke video with Lady Gaga and listened for the first time to her song Million Reasons.

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