[100 Naked Words] Being a digital nomad, regrets & making decisions

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I decided to join the writers of the 100 Naked Words publication on medium.com

The objective is to write at least 100 words every day.

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Are you on holidays or are you working?

One of my friend asked me this question today and it made me smile.

It made me smile because it reminded me of all the things that happened to me these last 8 months.

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From 9-to-5 Corporate worker to Digital Nomad

I started officially my journey as a Digital Nomad on April 2016 in Algarve, Portugal.

I choose this lifestyle because 1) I tried for 4,5 years working in a corporate company and it was obvious that I couldn’t fit in this…

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I’m not a tourist, I’m a Digital Nomad

I’m traveling with my boyfriend since June 15th and basically our daily routine is like this: Breakfast, gym, lunch, work, dinner, read & play video games, sleep and repeat.

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Regrets always comes last

One year ago, I made the decision to quit my 9-to-5 job and to travel solo — for the first time of my life — 4 months in South America.

It was the craziest decision I’ve ever made in my life at that time.

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The only question you should ask yourself when making a decision

That’s it. I quit!

Before telling this to myself and be convinced that quitting my job was the right decision it took me 3 months.

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